SEO-website promotion
Effective solution for your business
Search engine optimization and website promotion

This is a set of measures for internal and external optimization to raise the site's position in the search results in Google.

Usually, the higher the site's position in search results, the more interested users go to it from search engines.

* Search Engine Optimization

But nowadays
It's not enough just to engage
in system optimization of the site.
Our services include a full range of Internet marketing. Analyze competitors and monitor audience
behavior on the web. Only with comprehensive Internet marketing Will you achieve the maximum result. And we will be happy
to see You grow and develop, because it is in our interests. We grow as much as our customers grow.

What do you get from SEO?
of new users
Broad and targeted
audience coverage
Increase in the number
of requests
in sales
Brand development
in the market
The possibility of development
around the world
How it works
The emergence of a need
in your product or service from
potential costumer
Most clients are looking for
solving they need
in search engines
From the search engine search
results, the user selects
the appropriate site
The choice was correct!
The user ordered a service or product
from You and was satisfied
Why does SEO work?

Search queries for your company's services are quite popular among users on the Internet, but, unfortunately, they are not in the top ten in Google search results? Since most users from Belarus do not go to the second search page, You lose a large flow of potential customers.

Work on SEO promotion will help the site get to the first page of search engines, increasing the recognition of the web resource among target users and make the site effective. Let me offer you a set of measures that will qualitatively improve Your site and raise it in search results without the risk of falling under their sanctions.

Our SEO promotion services
Promotion by position
A service aimed at increasing the site's position in the Google search results.
The traffic promotion
A set of services aimed at increasing traffic to Your site, mainly from Google search engine.
The promotion of an online store
Do you want to increase traffic to Your online store? Website promotion in search engines is one of the most useful tools in attracting the target audience.
Promotion of the corporate website
Do you want to increase traffic to your corporate website? SEO promotion in search engines is one of the most useful tools in attracting the target audience.
Terms and price
Find out the exact
cost and terms

The timing of website promotion in the top 10 Google search results depends on many factors, such as the age of the domain, the uniqueness and usefulness of the content, and so on.

The average promotion period is 6 months.


The average cost of website promotion in the TOP 10 in Google depends on many factors that affect the speed and complexity of resource optimization for search engines.

The minimum cost is 300$ per month.

Why us?
Setting real goals
for real terms
Identify the needs
of your site visitors
We answer users
questions and make the site
really useful
We make truly
selling websites
Compare the cost and features and choose
the one that is right for You

Site with a low-competitive theme

Up to 100 target requests


Site with a competitive theme

Up to 200 target requests

From 500$

Site with a highly competitive theme

From 300 target requests

From 800$
Additional services
Contextual advertising
Setting up contextual advertising - 100$.
Creating a semantic core
Cost from 200$
Website support and development
Cost 500$
Adapts to all devices
Cost from 500$
Speed up your website
Cost from 200$