Website development bries

Development of an exclusive website always begins with filling out a preliminary questionnaire (brief).

Please answer all questions in as much detail as possible, this is will allow us to better understand the tasks that your future site should solve.

1. The essence of your project

Describe the key points and motives for creating the site.

2. Site tupe

To which of the following types of site can you refer yours? You can select multiple items at once.

3. Purposes of website creation

Why do you want to create a website? Check all items that are important to you.

4. What brand are you creating a website for?

What is the name of your company? Is the site created for it or for a specific representative office or brand? Has a slogan or mission been formed? What are your advantages over your competitors? How is your brand spelled correctly in English?

5. What sites do you like?

Give examples of sites that you like and tell us why. Give examples of websites of your competitors that, in your opinion, successfully solve the tasks you need and tell us about these tasks. Are there sites outside of your industry that you like in terms of appearance or functionality? If yes, please indicate their addresses and tell us what you like about them.

6. What sections should be on the site?

Check the sections that should be on your new site.

7. Languages

What language versions will have your new site have?

8. How do you see the style of your new website?

Choose from a list of emotions and qualities that our designers will express in colors. Than stronger the emotion, the closer the slider should be.

9. Budget and timeline

If the project requires a tight deadline, please let us know. Also, if possible, indicate an acceptable budget for the development of your new website.

10. Your contacts